Martz Lines was started in 1908 by Frank Martz, Sr. in the town of Plymouth, Pa.He bought and supervised the construction of a White 1912 bus which we still proudly display at parades and special occasions in Pennsylvania and at times nationally. It is the oldest existing antique bus in the country and has won every available award possible at antique shows.

Frank Martz, Sr. started operations between small mining towns in Pennsylvania in 1908 under the name White Transit Co. and in 1912 started local routes throughout the region until being sold to the Luzerne County Transportation Authority in 1974.

In 1922 Mr. Martz formed the Frank Martz Coach Co. for inter-city service and by 1927 was operating between Wilkes-Barre and New York City-Philadelphia-Albany, NY-Syracuse, NY-Buffalo-Cleveland, OH-Detroit and Chicago, IL.

In 1926 Martz also operated airline service between New York-Elmira-Buffalo; however service was discontinued in 1933 as economic times worsened in the United States. Seeing a need for national transportation system, Frank Martz, Sr. was one of the founders of the National Trailways Bus System. This system through alliances with other independent carriers set schedules and fares for connecting service coast to coast and became part of a two-system national network along with Greyhound lines.

Upon the death of Frank Martz, Sr. in 1936, the controls of the company were taken over by his son, Frank Martz, Jr., who continued to grow the company with a total commitment to the traveling public.

In 1964, Frank Martz, Jr. died in a helicopter accident and Mr. Frank M. Henry, grandson of the founder of Martz Lines, took control of the company. He continued the controlled growth of the business plan that led into the 1900's. As a family operation from its infancy, Scott Henry currently represents the fourth generation to work for the company which will continue to provide service to Northeastern Pennsylvania well into the future.

Through acquisitions and new start ups, the corporation now owns and operates coach companies, a travel agency, bus sales and repair operations in these states and the Nation's Capital.

PENNSYLVANIA Martz Trailways operations in, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and the Pocono Mts area.

WASHINGTON, D.C. operates Martz Gold Line/Gray Line charter and sightseeing in the Capital.

VIRGINIA operates Martz National Coach Bus Co. and National Coach Works in Fredricksburg, Gainesville, Ashland/Richmond, Va.

FLORIDA operates Martz Gulf Coast Gray Line and Martz First Class Coach Co. in Tampa, St. Petersburg.

All of the companies combined operate service from Wilkes-Barre, PA-Scranton, PA-Philadelphia, PA-New York City, NY-Atlantic City, N.J. Washington, D.C.-Richmond, VA-Tampa, FL-St. Petersburg, FL- to points in the United States and Canada.

In addition to bus operations of regular route service, tours and charters, Martz opened in 1984 a travel agency in Wilkes-Barre for air and cruise service. New tour operations for both individuals and tours are growing at a steady pace for future-anticipated growth in the air and cruise market.

With slow and steady growth, the Martz organization now employs over 400 people, operates 250 coaches and is nationally known and respected in the industry.

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