2016 is the Year of the Tourist

This year, more tourists than ever have come to visit Washington DC and the number just seems set to rise. According to studies undertaken by tourism services in the area, year on year the number of tourists has been rising significantly.

From 2015, the number of tourists over the summer months has risen by 5%. There seems to be no stopping this flow of tourists, and experts are predicting that this trend will continue into 2017. There are more domestic and international visitors to our city than has ever been recorded.

The top group of tourists came from China, who numbered over 300,000 visitors this year alone. These weren’t the only visitors to increase in number either, as most countries are contributing more visitors to our city.

While we can see the numbers rising over the years, the question of why more people are coming here can only be speculated on. The history in Washington DC is undoubtedly a huge draw for many of the visitors to our city. The consistent work of officials in the city has really paid off in this regard, as they preserve and maintain these sights.

Increased communications equipment could also be a reason for the increase in traffic to the city. Better information online and guides can help people decide that they really want to visit our city. The fact that you can also now compare flights and accommodation online is also a draw for visitors here.

The sights of the city are always attracting press too, especially during this year’s presidential elections. This creates a ripple effect around the world, as more people are watching America during this time. The top attractions have been seeing a huge increase in the amount of visitors over the last few years.

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