After Twilight in Washington DC

After Twilight in Washington DC

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, a late night tour of the city can be just what you’re looking for. Instead of booking an expensive and sometimes lacklustre ghost tour, see the city by night with a guided D.C After Dark tour and make the most of the twilight hours.

The city looks amazing as the light fades. It comes to life with illuminations, giving a totally different atmosphere. You may have toured the sights during the day but they take on a new life in the dark.

The most impassive of monuments and statues, when illuminated from below, take on a more sinister air. Adrenaline lovers line up, as these statues become sights that can frighten and inspire all in one. These monuments have an added edge, as they represent real life fears, including war and murder, seated in history which makes them all the more eerie.

The Korean War Memorial is a particularly chilling area to visit in the evening hours, as these bigger than life size statues are haunting. They’re lit up at night to make for a truly awe inspiring visit, much more authentic and scary than a typical ghost tour. Few things are as terrifying as the horrors of war and this monument stands as a testament to these soldiers. They stand over 7 feet tall and the platoon comprises of 19 statues, all painstakingly made from stainless steel. These impassive giants are a wonder to behold and in the dark they become even more lifelike and realistic to the eye, you’ll swear that you’ve seen them move if you look for long enough.

From here you’ll also be able to see the Lincoln Memorial where the nation’s 16th president looks out over the city. This nearly 20 foot statue of Abraham Lincoln gives some a sense of vertigo when you first look upon it. There are many myths and legends surrounding this statue and these can also bring visitors a spooky atmosphere. The sheer size of the statue is enough to shock in the dark but it has also been the subject of many horrifying tales, including more than a few in which the statue comes to life. Many visitors come to this statue to find out if the face of Robert E Lee is really carved into the back of Lincoln’s head, as legend describes. The National Parks and Services department deny such a rumor, but the only way to find out is to look for yourself.

Many tourists to this city forget that fact can be scarier than fiction and the history of our country can be the most terrifying of all. Lincoln’s last hours are well documented but visiting this statue helps to envision him in that theatre before the final curtain. While ghost tours may shock with a few well-placed props, watching history come alive can serve as a chilling reminder of the trials that our ancestors went through.