The Best of August in Washington

August is the perfect month for travellers coming to Washington DC, as the weather has cooled off just the right amount. We’re no longer in the hottest part of summer but we still have a few months left before the colder weather hits. As a result, there’s a lot to do in the city this month and we have the low down on all of it!

Enjoy the Summer Olympics

The Olympics kick off in Rio this month and many of our nation’s athletes are taking part. Around the city, you’ll find plenty of sports bars televising the events with some great food to boot. There’s a watch party taking place at the Carnegie Library for the events that the ladies of the U.S. Soccer Team are taking part in. They’re free events and you can expect to find them packed with spectators in their most patriotic clothing.

If you want to experience the culture of Rio, then head over to the Newseum, a stop on our tours, for a spectacular evening. On the 17th of August they have Brazilian music, dancing and activities for kids of all ages. This event seems set to be filled with good food and great fun as they bring a touch of South America to Washington.

Experience Our Food Trucks

The gastronomic experience that is the food truck has taken hold in many states in America. In Washington DC, our food trucks boast a range of cuisines and flavors with delicious ingredients. If that isn’t enough to get your mouth watering then we don’t know what is!

Truckeroo is the culmination of these food trucks and is held on a monthly basis. Sample delicacies from some of the best trucks in town and discover where you’ll find them next.

Have a Smithsonian Sleepover

If your kids have ever wanted to spend a night at the museum just like in the movie, then they’ll have their chance this month. On the 20th of August, the Smithsonian allows children to have a sleepover among the exhibits. If your child is aged between 8 and 10 then they can attend with their parent or guardian. Be sure to book in advance as tickets seem set to sell out.

Watch the Capital Dragon Boat Regatta

For the third consecutive year, rowers will be taking up the starting line on the Southern Waterfront of the city. On the 27th of August, they’ll be vying for the top spot in this race as they paddle through the river. There are many places along the river that you can take up a spectator spot and cheer on your team.

Expect colorful boats and a photo finish as these highly skilled athletes take to the water. Children are welcome to attend and refreshments are available. There’s also a beer garden here but you must be over the age of 21 to enjoy it.