Best Family Days out in Washington DC

Best Family Days out in Washington DC

Washington DC offers all sorts of activities to suit families with kids of all ages.

Here are our top picks for a day out:

Get Hands-on at the Museum of Natural History 

Portrait galleries and museums can be a bit boring for kids but at the Museum of Natural History, they have loads of hands-on exhibits. These are designed to be interacted with by kids of any age, from the toddlers to the teens. They can learn about the areas of history that interest them like dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and even the domestication of animals.

The Museum had 7.1million visitors in 2016! And it’s FREE! (Photo: Commons Wikipedia)

Sneak Over to the International Spy Museum

It seems like just about every kid loves the idea of becoming a spy, whether they imagine themselves to be more of a James Bond or an Alex Rider. If your child fancies themselves as an international man or woman of mystery then this is the perfect place to learn all their tricks. 

Their exhibits cover everything from how wartime spies passed messages to one another to famous fictional spied. Again, they specialize in interactive features here, so it’s not a stuffy museum by any means.

The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts on display to the public! (Photo: Commons Wikipedia

US Botanic Gardens 

If your kids love to be in the great outdoors then the botanic gardens are an ideal destination. They can run about and learn about nature in the confines of the garden, so long as they don’t damage the delicate plants. There are attendants that watch over the gardens, so make sure they steer clear of the display areas.

In the late summer, early fall these gardens are in full bloom. It’s totally free for you to go into and walk around, though you can choose to donate to their charity fund if you would like. The Corpse Flower garden is well worth checking out, though the scent is rather strong when it’s in full bloom.

The Museum has over 10,000 live species on display, some of which are over 165 years old! (Photo: Commons Wikipedia) 

Madame Tussauds

Is there anything cooler than getting your picture taken with the president? Ok, well maybe not the actual president but you can go and pose with the wax figurines at Madame Tussauds. These lifelike wax sculptures come in many forms, from presidents to celebrities. Each figure takes hundreds of hours of work as the sculpture’s hand make the eyes, hair and pretty much every other element of the model from scratch. 

As you make your way through the waxworks, you’ll even learn a bit about the people that they are based upon. Be sure to take your camera for this one, as you’ll want to pose beside the lifelike models. 

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