The Best Places to Eat in DC

The Best Places to Eat in DC

When traveling to a new place, many tourists want to sample more than just the local cuisine of the area. With a city as diverse as Washington DC, there’s no end to the types of food you can find. From world renowned restaurants to street food, every taste and style is catered to in this city. If you’re looking for an amazing place to eat for a break from the hustle and bustle, then check out our favorite places to chow down.


This restaurant serves up traditional Eastern European food with an amazing, high end twist. They offer a number of tasting platters and are centrally located on Capitol Hill. When you need a break from all of your sightseeing activities, their menu will inspire and restore your energy. This is home style food with more delicate portions and plating which brings it up to being a tourist and resident favorite. If you take our our DC in a Day tour, then you may will pass by this restaurant as we drive through this district on the way to the Capitol Building.


For a different type of tasting experience, patrons can head to this chic and cozy little bar and order a set menu of cocktails. These drinks have been specially crafted by their bartenders to make for a magical evening without too much alcohol. They’re perfectly created to keep the alcohol flowing while still allowing their guests to try them all. It’s not just a bar – it has entertainment and showmanship on tap too.


Located in downtown Chinatown, this restaurant takes the best ingredients from local sellers to create fusion dishes. This Indian fusion restaurant keeps things traditional but adds in new elements that patrons may not be expecting. They elevate the food from a standard meal to a dining experience and their staff translate and inform the uninitiated.

The Capital Grille

If you’re looking for something all American, then this restaurant is your best bet. With views of the Capitol Building in the background, this is one of the eateries that stands for everything the city has to offer. Their food is best enjoyed after a long day of touring and patrons can still see a plethora of monuments from their seats by the window. Their food is bold and simple, but with each element created to perfection. They do everything from steaks to salads, with straightforward American classic sandwiches on the side.

Lafayette Restaurant

Taking inspiration from French and American cuisine, this bistro offers a range of dishes with a classic and traditional menu. These lunchtime favorites are popular with the local community and the restaurant has a reputation of being top quality but not too pretentious. As the name would suggest, this restaurant is based just off Lafayette Square, which is situated directly behind the White House. It’s an excellent place to go if you want to rest before setting off to see other sights, and you’ll be able to eat lunch with a view of the President’s home.