Day Away Tours to Monticello and Gettysburg


Washington DC has plenty of its own iconic landmarks to visit and enjoy, and it also provides the perfect base from which to explore more of America’s rich history. Check out our entire range of Washington DC tours if you’re interested. One of the most popular tourist trips is to Charlottesville, Virginia and, more specifically, to the mountainside of Monticello and to the home of Thomas Jefferson. And if you need to be convinced, check out our blog about why history lovers should visit Washington DC.

Start your day with Michie Tavern, a famous 18th century colonial experience that also provides a hearty family-style lunch. Afterward, you can look forward to learning much about Jefferson’s life through a comprehensive, hour-long guided tour of his estate. You can also visit the Jefferson Visitor Center and the Smith Education Center, perfect places to discover more about Jefferson’s life and times, and also his lasting legacies.

Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States but arguably most famous for being the author of the “Declaration of Independence.” He also wrote the “Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom.” In his lifetime, he founded the University of Virginia and served his country for over fifty years as a public official, philosopher and historian.

You can look forward to learning much about Jefferson’s life through a brief biography, a timeline of the significant private public events that endeared him to the American public, 800 of his famous quotations, and many more exciting aspects of his life.

Day Tour to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

We also offer an enjoyable trip through the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania to the historical town of Gettysburg, where one of the most notable conflicts of the Civil War occurred. 

Experience the battle and its long-lasting effects from a civilian’s point-of-view at the Shriver House Museum. Guides in period costume lead you around the House, detailing its overall history and its historical proximity to the battle itself. The day continues at Gettysburg’s modern Visitor Center, which offers the unique experience of a narrated panoramic painting of the third day of the battle after listening to a 22-minute orientation film, narrated by Morgan Freeman. The museum also explores the events that led up to the battle, the battle itself, and the effects on Gettysburg after the war ended. For even more information, check out our blog on why you should take our Gettysberg tour.

An extensive, two-hour guided tour of the battlefield itself, presented by award-winning guides, brings the tour to its conclusion.

Your luxury coach will then return you to Union Station where you can choose to enjoy an evening meal in one of its many restaurants or return to your hotel for a well-deserved rest. Learn more about the trip to Monticello Tours. Or to learn more about Gettysburg Tours.