Easter Activities in Washington DC

Spring has officially sprung in Washington DC and now that the clocks have changed, it’s brighter than ever outside. Just around the corner we’ll be having all sorts of Easter fun, thanks to all of the brilliant events in the city. There are brunches, egg hunts and other treats to find nestled here this month, so check out our favorite events for this holiday.

Easter Brunch

There are few things better than a big Easter brunch with the family and this is what you’ll find many restaurants offering. The food is reasonably priced and family style, creating the perfect atmosphere for the day. Old Town Alexandria has a number of independently owned restaurants that will have a special menu on this holiday.

The Easter Egg Roll at the White House

Kids of all ages are invited to roll their Easter eggs on the lawn of the White House on Easter Sunday and it can be a great opportunity for them to learn a little about its history. President Rutherford B. Hayes was the originator of this tradition in 1878. He opened up the White House and invited the kids of the city to roll their eggs on the expansive south lawn. They have dressed up characters, stories and even live music for the kids to enjoy and a good day is usually had by all who attend.

Chocolate Egg Hunts

These are undoubtedly one of the great childhood memories, scrambling around searching for free chocolate treats. These are still organized and run in the city to this day and visitors can take their pick on where they want to go for them. The surrounding countryside around the city is often the best place to go for these hunts, as they offer more room for the kids to run around on. They usually have a number of rural attractions and mazes to run around in, so they’re sure to be tired out by bedtime. For a more grown up egg hunt, head to the Dupont Circle, where local businesses have come together to offer exclusive discounts. These are hidden in eggs around the area and you could even snag yourself a free meal and a cocktail.

Service at the Lincoln Memorial

If you’re up early on Easter Sunday, then you can head over to the Lincoln Memorial for a short service. This is a sunrise gathering for those in the city to reflect on the values of the president on this special day. Thousands of people show up at this monument to take in the sunrise and think about the year so far. It’s open to anyone in the city and it’s a great way to take some time out of the day to look back on the year before planning for the future. If this is a little too early for you then why not arrange to visit the monument later in the day with us and learn all about the president.