Exhibitions at the Smithsonian this Month

The Smithsonian Museum is one of the most recognizable names in learning and education. It’s the world’s biggest museum and it’s comprised of 19 buildings, so naturally there’s a lot going on. Established back in 1846, the Smithsonian museum does plenty to stay current and keep kids interested in learning about their growing world. If you want to take a visit to this museum, then join us for a Two Day Tour of DC and let the experts show you around on Sundays.

Toys and Childhood

This exhibition is all about vintage toys that were the height of fashion from the 1870s to the 1950s. This is an interesting retrospective look at how materials have changed through the ages, and it’s a great one to take the kids to. This is an exciting way to discover how the American home changed over the years and how children’s toys showed the change. This display is located on the first floor east of The National Museum of American History, and will be available until January 3rd.

American Philanthropy

This exhibition looks at charity in America and the effects that philanthropy has on the nation. It examines the phenomenon that was the social upper classes competing to offer the most to charitable causes. It focuses mostly on the 20th to the 21st centuries and shows a number of pledge letters and checks that were signed over to the museum.

Frank Sinatra at 100

This jazz and music based exhibition on the first floor of the museum looks back at the life of Frank Sinatra and how he changed the music industry of the day. This month marks the celebration of his 100th birthday and takes a look at what he achieved in his lifetime. He led a rich and exciting life, so there’s plenty to learn from this exhibit and fans travel far and wide to attend. The exhibit includes items of clothing worn by Sinatra, including a coat worn in the 1957 film Pal Joey that created one of his most iconic looks.

Pixar: The Design of Story

This exhibition shows the design process that the Pixar Studio goes through from beginning to end. These are some of the most iconic movies of recent years and a visit to this exhibition will make any child happy. This exhibition shows art and the design process that the story makers go through and will be sure to inspire visitors of any age. There are a number of touchscreen artworks that visitors can feel free to scroll through to view how an initial idea becomes a fully-fledged movie. They’re showcasing original sketches, sculptures and paintings from movies like Toy Story, Up, Brave, Cars and more, so there’s plenty to explore in this area.

Above and Beyond

This interactive experience allows visitors to be part of innovation and flight. There are a number of challenges to take part in and each explain the science behind aerodynamics and how they work on a practical level. Kids are sure to love taking part in the various challenges with top of the line technology, such as motion sensors and simulatorsThe most notable of these is the flight simulator to Mars, which examines the pressures that astronauts go through to get to the Red Planet.