Explore the Culture of DC with the Capital Fringe Festival

When tourists think of Washington DC, often the main things that spring to mind are the President, the White House, Capitol Building and many more politically influenced landmarks and memorials. However, there’s much more to Washington than being the heart of the US government.

Why not delve into the cultural wonders of the Capital by visiting the city’s Capital Fringe Festival this summer? Running from July 9 to July 26, there are plenty of events, exhibitions, shows and much more to take in and explore throughout the festival. Capital Fringe began in DC in 2005 after influence from the fringe theatre festivals which originated in Scotland in the 1940s. The purpose of the festival is to provide creative opportunities to up and coming actors, dancers, artists and musicians.

Here are some of our highlights:

Twelfth Night: A Musical Remix

Go and see Shakespeare performed like you’ve never seen before! Six artists and two musicians take you on a journey through the classic tale featuring the shipwrecked twins on a mysterious island. Watch the performers tell the story to an original score, interpreting Shakespeare in a whole new way.

This show takes place on various dates throughout the festival at the Logan Fringe Arts Space within the Trinidad Theatre. Tickets can be bought online at https://www.capitalfringe.org/  or up to two hours before the show, or from 45 minutes prior to the show at the venue.

The Giant Turnip

If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, then this whimsical comedy as told by puppets should do the trick! Suitable for all ages and taking place in the afternoon on Saturday, July 11, this show is both educational and funny as the story line revolves around protecting the earth and community.  This show takes place in the Dance Space within the Hyman M Perlo Studio located at 3225 8th Street NE, Washington, DC.

Late Night Cabaret

Don’t miss the free live music shows running again at the Logan Fringe Arts Space within the Trinidad Theatre throughout each night of the Capital Fringe Festival. Each night a different band and musical genre will take the stage, offering you a chilled out evening listening to some of the most talented musicians in the capital. Discover everything from Balkan beats to Cajun soul and jazz. There’s even a wild card/surprise night to keep things interesting! The events generally begin at approximately 9:30pm and are suitable for all ages


For something completely out the ordinary, check out Dishwasher which stars actor Brian Feldman. For those who live in DC, you can take part in this interactive show by purchasing tickets and waiting for Feldman to get in touch. If you are selected, he will then come to your home in this unique performance, and will read any monologue you assign him, as he washes your dirty dishes. A truly unique concept, the Dishwasher show allows participants to decide if Brian Feldman is a better actor or dishwasher – plus it gives them the night off!

If you’re at the festival over the weekend and are looking for something to pass the time in between shows, then consider taking the Gray Line DC half day tour! This tour is available for a limited time only for just $15! Tours leave at noon and run from the Union Station office, encompassing the great memorials in the city, not to mention prestigious buildings such as the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and even a photo stop by the White House.  Your tour and festival experience will make for a memorable time on your trip to Washington, DC.