Get to Grips with Gettysburg

For most history buffs, Gettysburg is an iconic location thanks to the part it played in shaping the USA as we know it today. If you’re in D.C and want to know more about this great nation and how it rose from the ashes of a civil war, you are in luck.

Gettysburg itself is situated in Pennsylvania, which is actually within a reasonable traveling distance from the U.S capital city of Washington D.C. If you want to find out more about the rich history of the country, take a trip on the specially dedicated all day Gray Line tour of Gettysburg. Departing from D.C’s Union Station at 8am, this tour is a 10.5 hour fun-packed day trip.

The first drop off area is the Shriver House Museum, where visitors can take in a living history presentation, as told from the perspective of regular citizens. From there, guests travel on to the new Visitor Center in the town, which welcomes guests with an orientation film narrated by none other than Morgan Freeman. Other highlights of this stop include the cyclorama, which is a fantastic event featuring a 360 degree painting of the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, narrated by Mardia Gay Harden. You’ll find another museum at this stop, which offers insight into the pivotal moments leading up to the monumental battle, including the battle itself, and leads into the effects the battle and war had on the town.

The biggest and best stop on the tour is a 2 hour all-encompassing tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. Throughout the site visitors will remain aboard the coach, listening to an award winning tour guide talk them through the historic battle from start to finish.

This tour is not just for the historians as it has massive appeal to families with many interactive things to see and do along the way. Get up close and personal with the history of Gettysburg on our extensive all day tour.