Get Ready for Independence Day

Get Ready for Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays in the US calendar is Independence Day and it’s not far away. On the 4th of July we’ll be getting the flags, fireworks and beers out as we celebrate the day. Here are some fun facts about the day and what you can do to celebrate:

It’s the National Day of the USA

A national day is one that is celebrated as the day that a nation becomes sovereign. There are very few countries that don’t have these, as many have become independent from the UK over the years. These include commonwealth nations and those that were former colonies of the crown. The UK is one of the only countries that don’t have a national day, along with Denmark. Although the latter don’t have their own official national day, they host some of the biggest celebrations of the day outside of the USA.

John Adams Predicted the Wrong Day

In a letter to his wife, John Adams wrote that the 2nd of July would be the most memorable in history. This was the day that the Declaration of Independence was finally finished but it wasn’t approved until two days later. He did actually predict the way that it would be celebrated, as he wanted bonfires, fireworks and revelry.

Adams and Jefferson Died on Independence Day

The two signed the bill in 1776 and both died on the same day 50 years later. They both served as presidents in their time and signed their names on the original Declaration of Independence. Coincidently, President Monroe also died on the same day in 1831 – which made him the third successive president to do so.

Only One President Was Born on Independence Day

We’ll give you three guesses who you think this could be…

It was actually our nation’s 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, who was born back in 1872. As of yet, he’s the only US president to have been born on the day but this could change in the future. Though he never used it to his advantage, some people thought it was fate that he was born on this day. Another interesting bit of information is that President Obama’s daughter Malia was born on Independence Day, so he has two celebrations to enjoy.

You Wouldn’t Always Get Paid for the Holiday

It wasn’t until 1938 that Independence Day was declared as a paid public holiday by Congress. Prior to this it had been an unpaid holiday and before that it was more of an unofficial celebration. It wasn’t even known as Independence Day until 1791. Before that, it was just known as a celebration of the Declaration, which resulted in songs and parades.

It’s one of the Busiest Travelling Weeks of the Year

Many Americans use this holiday as the start of their summer vacation, meaning that airports are usually packed. So many people travel home for the weekend too, so they can join in on the celebrations, but this can make travelling a nightmare for everyone. If you plan to travel during this week, make sure you leave well in advance!