The March for Science in Washington DC

The march began at the National Mall and in some ways, was considered a peaceful protest to the appointment of an oil executive as Secretary of State. Saturday, April 22nd was also Earth Day, and thousands of people took to the streets of DC to raise awareness. The overall aim of the march was to highlight some issues associated with the current political climate, and while it rained for most of the day, the event was a massive success.

Citizens and scientists alike began at the National Mall and took to the streets to make people aware of the planet and what science can do. There were dozens of musical acts and various speakers performing throughout the day. Protestors walked to the foot of the Washington Monument with hundreds of university students and employees from various scientific organizations also taking part.

The march was organized by the Earth Day Network and was hosted by YouTube star Derek Muller and musician Questlove. The march wasn’t just taking place in Washington though, as this is an international day of note. Across the globe, there were an estimated 600 marches from Sydney all the way to Southern Manhattan with the aim of promoting science over politics and facts over fiction. The objective for protestors and those involved with science in general is and always will be the pursuit of progress.

While the show of support to science was a success, many view such action as just the beginning. There are a number of bodies involved in the movement and they’re all uniting to bring science to the masses. They want to ensure that the general public are aware of their efforts and even what they can do to advance the sector.  

Whatever your views on science, it cannot be denied that this march was very successful in conveying a message to the powers above. Freedom of speech is our right as citizens and the peaceful nature of the protest is why it went on undisturbed for the majority of a very rainy Saturday.

Among the participants, there were enthusiasts from all walks of life. Part of the march sought to show that anyone can be involved in the scientific process, regardless of age, gender or politics. The day was a day of unity and action, making ordinary American citizens aware of the issues and triumphs of those involved. We saw celebrities, politicians and just everyday people making their voices heard in this fantastic movement around the world.

Scientists are there to serve the people and seek the truth which is why Earth Day is so important to many. Every bit of coverage that this event gets will mean they have done their job. We enjoyed reading about Earth Day here at Gray Line. If you want to take part in the next big event in the city, then check back with us for further information.