September Events at the Smithsonian

If you are a regular reader of our blog here at Gray Line then you will be well aware of our love of the Smithsonian Museum. It is one of the biggest in the world and there are always great events throughout the year. With September approaching we thought we would take a look to see what is happening at Smithsonian during this month. 

There are certainly a few events that particularly stand out to us and remember that we have bus packages available to take you there so check out our tours section for more details. 

Castle Highlights Tour

You may or may not know that the castle is the Smithsonian’s oldest and very first building. There is plenty to see on this tour with one of the tour docents taking you on a trip to explore some of the highlights of the Smithsonian Castle. There is an incredible story behind the origins of this famous building as well as a bit of a history lesson on its original benefactor James Smithson as well as a look at some of the incredible architecture too. This tour is available daily in September from 9am-1.30pm. 

National Zoo Activities

The zoo is a big part of the Smithsonian Institution and September is the perfect time to visit with tons of activities and demonstrations available that are family friendly and perfect for kids! The website has more info on the specific times of events so check this for more info. There is plenty to choose from including Amazon fish feeding, an elephant training demonstration, meet-a-Farm animal for kids and much more. The Gorilla Keeper Talk is a particular favorite of ours. 

Dead Letter Office: Gallery Experience

This one is a little different but actually lots of fun. Do you think that you could be a postal clerk? If the answer is yes then this fun activity could be for you. This takes place most days from 1 pm in the Postal Museum. A volunteer will set you the challenge of sorting mail and the challenge is to decide which letters should be sent to the Dead Letter Office! If you manage to complete your task then you will win a prize! 

Portrait Gallery Tour

This tour takes place all throughout September around 3.15pm and is a tour of the famous Portrait Gallery. On this tour you can experience portraiture beyond the frame. The collections available to view present work from people of remarkable character and achievement. There are displays from poets, presidents, villains and visionaries on this tour. It’s fantastic and the highlights will be presented by a friendly docent of the gallery. 

Air & Space Museum Tour Highlights

Launch into the history of flight on this tour by surrounding yourself with some of the most historic figures in air and space travel. The flagship building is located next to the National Mall and there are 23 gallery exhibits with hundreds of flight-related artifacts. The museum also has a planetarium and an IMAX theater for truly out-of-this-world experiences. Most definitely worth considering if you’re interested in space! 

This learning center is a brilliant place to visit any time of year, so make sure you contact us to find out what’s new there.