Spring is Coming to Washington DC

March is already upon us and spring is not far behind, and soon Washington will be in full bloom. As the snow melts and the sun comes out, the city looks better than ever and it’s the perfect time to go and see the sights.

Film lovers can take in works from local and international filmmakers thanks to the Washington DC International Film Festival. The organizers of this event collate these movies into a week of cinema that lasts from the 4th to the 13th of March. One thing that makes this event special is that you can chat with the directors after watching the movie, so viewers really get to pick their brains about the process.

Those who are a fan of all things French should head to the Francophile Cultural Festival, which takes place in the city all month long. There’s food, drink and frolics to be had and it’s an excellent place for kids to learn about another culture. Embassies even have open days for visitors to drop in on to learn about the French culture in their country.

March is also Women’s History Month and many places in the city are hosting events to honor the most influential women of our times. Various museums and other places in the city have readings of historic texts, reflections on how women influenced history and the ways in which they continue to do so. These days focus on the women behind the men in history too, so it’s a brilliant chance to learn about the women of the revolution era.

One of the biggest festivals in March is, of course, St Patrick’s Day and sectors of the city come out in full force. The weekend before the big day the city will explode into a green world of fun, with some events for adults and some for the kids. If you’re looking to get around the city with minimal costs and see some of the great sights, then why not get on-board with one of our Hop On, Hop Off tours.

Easter is an excellent time to be in the city and there are Easter egg hunts dotted all over the place. If you head to the White House on Easter Sunday then you’ll find hundreds of kids taking part in the annual egg hunt. Madame Tussauds also boasts an egg hunt that allows kids to go wild and find the treats among the celebrities.

One of the most beautiful sights to see in the spring is the blooming of the cherry trees in the city. The National Cherry Blossom Festival showcases the 3000 trees that were given to the city back in 1912. This takes place over three weeks and begins midway through March with hundreds of events and activities during that time. For Washington natives this marks the beginning of the warmer months and as the flowers blossom, the events do too. There are sporting days, Japanese film days and even kite festivals – so there’s never a dull moment in these weeks.