Things to do in Washington DC

There are many great things to do in Washington DC, but visiting some of the world’s most famous landmarks while you are here – is a must!

Millions of people flock to America’s capital each year to visit places such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, US Capitol, White House and White House Visitor Center, World War II Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

So here’s just a little history to whet your appetite:

The Washington Monument

The famous obelisk that is the Washington Monument was erected to commemorate America’s first president George Washington. Constructed of granite, marble and bluestone gneiss, it is situated along the National Mall in Washington D.C. and is the tallest freestanding stone structure in the world standing at just over 555 feet or 169m tall. Construction began in 1848 but, due to power struggles, the American Civil War, and a lack of funds, it was not completed until 1888. The pointed top of the Washington Monument is now an aluminum capstone that acts as a lightning rod.

US Capitol Building

Located at the east end of the National Mall, atop Capitol Hill, the white exterior and neoclassical styling of the US Capitol Building is instantly recognizable. Completed in 1800, it has since had to be partially rebuilt due to fire and has also undergone periods of restoration and has been extended. Today it is widely regarded to symbolize the skill, determination and ingenuity of the American people. Practically, it remains the point at which Washington’s four quadrants meet, and provides the basis of their street-numbering system.

White House and White House Visitor Center

Most visitors use the White House South Lawn as the backdrop for pictures. Affectionately known as the back lawn, it is used to stage many of the White House’s official events including the State Arrival Ceremony, as well as more informal gatherings such as staff barbecues and the annual Easter Egg Roll. The Presidential helicopter, Marine One, also takes-off and lands here. The lawn has undergone several changes over the years, especially under the watchful eyes of Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

World War II Memorial

Dedicated to the memory of those Americans who proudly served their country in the armed forces, or as civilians, during World War II, The National World War II Memorial consists of 56 pillars and two matching small triumphal arches that frame a plaza and fountain. It is located at the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. adjacent to the Reflecting Pool.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Built to commemorate the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during the Civil Rights movement, the memorial is situated in West Potomac Park, southwest from the National Mall, along the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin.

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