Top Oktoberfest Days Out in the Capital

Top Oktoberfest Days Out in the Capital

Oktoberfest is about more than beer. It’s a community event that brings visitors and residents together to have a great time. All over D.C., these parties are coming out in force and bringing tourists into the atmosphere of the month with beers, food and dress up competitions.

With all of these events on your doorstep in many parts of the city, you’ll have plenty to choose from, the most difficult decision will be which to do first!

Beers for the Bridge

If you want to have a fantastic time while giving something back to the residents of the city then head over to the Beers for the Bridge event. This charity night is hosted by the city’s chapter of the rotary club, who want to raise funds for a new footbridge in the town.

Their schedule consists of games, competitions and live music for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. They’re featuring craft beers from the Port City Brewing Company, a local business down in Alexandria. Old Town Alexandria is also deserving of a visit during this time, and you can see this up and coming neighborhood from the comfort of one of our Gray Line coaches with our historic full day tour.

Das Best Oktoberfest

This festival boasts that it’s the best one out there and if you visit their beer garden you won’t be disappointed. They have a range of fall and seasonal beers to try along with the most delicious street food. This two day long extravaganza takes place on the National Harbor, where you’ll have panoramic, scenic views of the sound.

They also boast a wine tasting for those looking for something a bit more sophisticated against the backdrop of Oompah bands and other live acts. This festival definitely has the most varied entertainment with beer belly competitions, beauty pageants and costume competitions.

Their Bavarian village is free to wander around in and features fantastic entertainment for the kids. There are rides and go karts to keep them amused while you enjoy the German culture and food offerings. This is a festival for the whole family, so there’s no need to leave the kids with a babysitter.

Oktoberfest at Beirgartenhaus

Biergartenhaus is a permeant feature in the D.C landscape and this pub has quickly become a local favorite. This is one for the beer aficionados as they boast 12 different beers on tap, and as beer experts know there’s nothing better than a varied collection of draft beers.

They’re kicking things up a notch by offering festival themed foods and entertainment for their guests this month. They’ll be offering music and polka dancing to get their patrons in the Bavarian spirit and the more beers you try the more fun you’ll have. This is a pub that always has a barrel full of events at any time, so even if you’re not popping in this month, this bar is always exciting. It boasts a friendly atmosphere for tourists too, as their customers come from all over the country and even further afield.