Top Places to Take Kids in Washington DC

When travelling with children, you may feel restricted on where you can go and what you can do. This doesn’t need to be the case with Washington, DC however, as there are plenty of kid friendly activities that delight both parents and their children. There are also plenty of child friendly places to eat.

Check out the Natural History Museum

If your child has watched the well-known film Night at the Museum, then he or she may be familiar with the New York version of this institution. For an even bigger and better experience, it’s essential to visit the DC Natural History Museum. Most children have a favorite animal, and they can learn all about theirs in this museum. It has everything from dinosaur bones to interactive activities, and parents may even find themselves learning a thing or two. Current exhibits revolve around butterflies and plants, elephants, the coral reef, lions and much more.

Head to the top of the Washington Monument

To take in panoramic views of the city, visitors can take a ride to the top of the Washington Monument. This offers spectacular sights and a great learning experience for the kids. They can even pick out sights to go and visit after seeing them from such a great height. The grounds around this monument are excellent for a picnic or other outdoor activities when the weather is agreeable. There are signs outside this monument with the expected wait time, so if your kids are on the impatient side, you can decide if it’s worth the wait. Free ticket distribution begins at 8:30am at The Washington Monument Lodge and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit the Home of George Washington

If your kids are learning about American history in school, they can enhance this with a visit to Mount Vernon. Here, the guides will teach them about the history of the first president while they experience his life through the estate. The tour guides in this location are adept at teaching children and keeping things exciting for them, which makes the kids more likely to remember the information. This enjoyable day out can be booked with us and even includes a drive through Old Town Alexandria to finish the tour.

Get Thrills at Six Flags America

There are few things better for children than a trip to the various amusement parks that America has to offer. These family days out can be booked in advance, and the selection of rides makes it perfect for children of all ages. Whether they want to go on some of the fastest rides in the world or stick to the tea cups, there’s something for everyone here.

Attend Sporting Events

DC has a stadium for almost every major sport, so it’s perfect for your aspiring athlete. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball hockey or soccer, this city hosts a lot of national level sports teams. The Washington Redskins are one of the top teams from the city, so football fans can get their fix when they come to visit this city. If you want to see one of the upcoming games, be sure to book in advance for these tickets.