Valentine’s Day 2018 in Washington DC

Most of us will be aware that February 14th is the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day and this cultural and commercial holiday originates from the ancient Roman festival that celebrated fertility. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world and many people exchange gifts and cards or enjoy a meal together. 

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to spend this year’s holiday, then we have a few thoughts of our own in this month’s blog. Check out everything you need to know about this holiday in DC below. Here at Gray Line DC we offer stunning night tours of DC which could be the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s evening.

Valentine’s Activities in Washington DC

A romantic meal is truly possible in DC thanks to the fantastic range of restaurants that exist within the city. This is, of course, an extremely popular time to dine out so you should plan ahead and make sure that you have a reservation well in advance. Marcel’s is a fantastic choice and this French-Belgian restaurant has some excellent live entertainment. However, there are plenty of other choices as well such as Fiola, Bistro Cacao or Floriana. 

On the subject of romantic meals, the Potomac River is another excellent Valentine’s activity. You can enjoy a dinner cruise along the river and there is fine dining, live entertainment and dancing. You can make a reservation at the Spirit of Washington and also the Odyssey so there are a couple of excellent choices. You can check the websites for more info on prices as these can fluctuate pretty regularly. 

DC is stunning by night, and we offer a tour of Mount Vernon and DC after dark, allowing you to see the best sights our city has to offer, up in lights, with your significant other.

More Activities in the City

A romantic meal or trip down the river isn’t for everyone so why not view the city from a totally different angle. You could see the skyline from above by taking a trip on the Capital Wheel. It’s a fantastic choice and this 180-foot tall observation wheel makes for the perfect opportunity to see some of the most iconic elements of the DC skyline. From this point, there are incredible views of the Potomac River, downtown Alexandria and even the Capitol Building. 

There can be no denying that winter is a lovely time to go for a romantic stroll especially in Washington DC when the snow is still falling thick and fast. The National Mall is a prime location for a walk and it truly is a breath-taking place to visit. You can even visit the various museums and monuments that you pass along the way. If you want to crank things up a notch, then take a walk at night to the Lincoln Memorial. You won’t be disappointed! 

Finally, we have one of our favorite forms of entertainment, the Ford’s Theatre! There are always fantastic tours and shows to enjoy every day of the year. You will need to choose a show for yourself and this can be done by checking out the website where there is information on performances and ticket prices as well as the ability to book up. If you want to enjoy something a little more contemporary, then the theatre is an excellent choice. 

Please do contact us if you have any questions in relation to your Valentine’s Day in Washington, Dc, or with any general queries you may have!