The Best Street Murals in Washington DC

You could argue that Washington DC has some of the biggest art galleries in the country but the artistic side of Washington isn’t just confined to the various galleries scattered around the city. Washington actually has plenty of unique and vibrant murals located all over the city and these celebrate everything from the Founding Fathers to home town heroes to even pictures of fruit! You can find hundreds of these to check out but we’ve picked out some of the better ones for your benefit. If this interests you, here are 5 more things you probably didn’t know about Washington. And if you’d like to start planning your next visit to DC, check out our range of Washington DC bus tours.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Most of us will be aware of who Uncle Ben is and he actually has his very own mural in DC and it has been with us since 1958! It’s a must see if you are a tourist and it is visited frequently by locals and even celebrities. The building is also iconic with the restaurant begin famous for its half pork and half beef chili with herbs and onions. The gigantic mural really emphasizes this and it was even refurbished in 2017 so it looks better than ever. Worth a visit for the perfect angled shot!

Blind Whino

This mural is located on the building that hosts the Southwest Arts Club and it is one of the brightest spots on the city. The building is a former church that has been altered into a vibrant colourful community center and there are all the colors of the rainbow displayed on this mural. You can expect a $5 jazz and blues concert every Friday night and a free yoga class taught here also. However, a picture of the outside mural is what most people will be after when they visit this location. 

(Image Source: Anokarina via Flickr)

Columbia Heights

There is absolutely loads of street art to view in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights and these murals focus on the culture of the area as well as its diversity. The “My Culture, Mi Gente” has been created by artist Joe Bergner and it is one of the most famous displays in the area. You can find this artwork near the Columbia Heights Metro Station and it is most certainly worth a visit if you are in the area. 

Watermelon House

This is located in the residence of the Logan Circle and the Watermelon House has become a must-visit part of the mural city and you really cannot afford to miss it! There is an excellent story begin the house as well and the owners of the house originally hired a company to paint it red but when the result was a bit more of a pink then the owners turned the rest of the building into a watermelon. It has since gained cult status in the city with many tourists flocking to get a picture next to it.  

(Image Source: Elvert Barnes via Flickr)

Dacha Beer Garden 

This mural is located in a hip and dog-friendly bar and café and you will also find some of the city’s most recognizable outdoor art at this location including a massive tribute to 20th-century film star Liz Taylor. You can raise a glass and get the perfect Instagram shot at this location. There are plenty of beers to sample while you are in this location as well. 

(Image Source: Ted Eytan via Flickr)