The Best Wine Bars in Washington DC

Feel like unwinding with a good glass of wine? Washington DC has some of the finest wine bars in the country and it doesn’t matter if you are after a bottle of red or a glass or two of white, there are plenty of fantastic wine venues across the state so you really can take your pick! For something a little different in this week’s blog, we thought we would outline some of the better wine bars in DC and where you can find them. 

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Fancy a game of bocce while you enjoy a sip of your wine? Then Vinoteca should be your first stop and this popular wine bar can be found on U Street and it is located within an elegant rowhouse and there is both a front patio and rear courtyard with a bocce court available to play on. There is a wide selection of wines by the glass as well as a food menu that rotates on a seasonal basis. The menu is great and the wine is even better!  


If you like to go out to a location that has an extensive selection then Proof is an excellent choice. Some would even say that this restaurant has the very best selection of wine in the city and you will find it located in Chinatown close to the Verizon Center. There are more than forty options by the glass with over 1000 bottles available. An excellent venue for those with varying tastes that want to be able to choose from a wide selection. 

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District Winery

This is more than just a wine bar and the District Winery is a prime hub for DC wine lovers to visit. The winery itself measures in at 17,000 square feet and offers a restaurant as well. As of March 2018, the winery will begin producing what will become the only wine that is produced in the DC area and the site currently offers a tour of the facilities as well as a tasting bar as well. A must visit! 

Barcelona Wine Bar

An elegant and stylish wine bar located on 14th Street with a restaurant also included this is a hotspot which is always busy. There is an exclusive list of both Spanish and South American wines with plenty of Malbec and Garnacha varieties to choose from. When you combine a stylish décor and a bustling atmosphere it really is a fantastic choice for the all-round wine drinker. Definitely worth booking.

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Jug & Table

You will find the Jug & Table on the 1st floor below Roofers Union and the highlights of this wine bar include its wine on tap facility. There are 8 different wines to choose from with various tap lines available. These can be served in different quantities and there is also a list of 30 more moderately priced glasses as well as a range of specialty cocktails also on the menu. It’s a great place for groups and a top place for a night out.