Historical Places to Visit in Washington D.C.

A visit to the capitol city puts tourists in the midst of hundreds of years of history and taking the time to appreciate it makes for a rich experience. Seeing the top historical sites in Washington D.C doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time consuming when you hop aboard the Gray Line Full Day Tour.

The first item on this itinerary is the beautiful home of George Washington himself, Mount Vernon. There’s so much to see at this location and it’s a must for any avid American history fan. This landmark stands in testament to our very first president and visitors will get a feel for his life and legacy here.

The mansion itself is surrounded by lush gardens and smaller buildings to explore; this building started as a modest farmhouse and viewers will be able to see where it expanded over the years. The fascinating architecture and perfectly preserved rooms are interesting and the information given makes for a wonderful learning experience. The 21-room home offers plenty to see and you’ll be able to see the influence of George Washington in the design and craftsmanship.

Beyond this structure, you can also see the tombs which are the final resting place of the first president and his wife. Mount Vernon is steeped in the history of the country and is the perfect location for both adults and children as they learn about the life and times of Washington.

For those who lean more towards the military history side of the country, the next stop on this tour is Arlington National Cemetery. This location stands in memory of all the soldiers who died in the American Civil War, covering over 600 acres and serving as the burial ground for fallen soldiers of numerous military conflicts, as well as soldiers and high-level civilian personnel, including Supreme Court Justices.

Enjoy a stroll around this vast land and visit the home of one of the most iconic figures in American history, Robert E. Lee. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is also a sight to be treated with the utmost respect. Watch the changing of the guard as you learn more about the origins of this landmark.

There are so many memorials in this area, including the President John F. Kennedy Gravesite, where you can view the final resting place of yet another great leader of this country. The Marine Corps War Memorial is also close by and honors the sacrifice made by those who fought at Iwo Jima in World War II.

Washington D.C is a city steeped in military history and any fan of researching wars and events will have plenty to see here. These informational tours make for an excellent and exciting way for children and young adults to learn about how our country began and the way it has continued to exist.