Enjoy D.C after Dark with Gray Line

The only thing that’s better than seeing everything that Washington has to offer is seeing it illuminated at night. The city lights make the most majestic monuments even more breath taking and the night time atmosphere makes for an exciting visit.

One of our top picks to see at night is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which honors the man himself even more in the moonlight. The Martin Luther King Jr monument is another one of the most striking statues in the city and it looks impressive when lit up from below. This 30ft monolith stands as a testament to all of the work that this great historical figure achieved in his lifetime.

No visit to D.C would be complete without a stop at the Lincoln Memorial, this massive statue is lit up each night and is a brilliant sight to behold. Take in the likeness of our 16th president while strolling through the encompassing gardens and grounds for a late night walk. Night owls will be rewarded for their dedication to the sights with some truly spectacular views during quieter times.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is another reflective place to stop off that also offers a view of the Washington Monument. Tourists can see the world’s tallest stone structure and the world’s tallest obelisk in one, all lit up in the evening. This grand monument is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire world and catching a glimpse of this at night is truly spectacular.

For a chilling atmosphere a night time visit to the Korean War Memorial is one of the best locations in the city. These life size representations of the soldiers that served in this conflict are haunting in the evening when lit from below. This is one of the relatively recent additions to the city, having only been built in 1995, whereas most of the sights here have been around for hundreds of years. You’ll also get to see the stars in the Reflecting Pool between here and the Lincoln Memorial, which boasts one of the most sought after views in the world. This area features so many monoliths in one space so it’s a great place for any tourist to visit at night, as it’s beautiful in the twilight hours.

The White House is another landmark that looks completely different in the dark, the fountain and front of the building are bathed in light and the architecture stands out even more. The columns and façade offer a brilliant photo opportunity and the lush, green gardens look vibrant in the evening.

The dome of the Capitol Building is also another sight worth seeing as it is a huge illuminated structure. The seat of power in our country is impressive in the daylight but it’s even better in the evening, especially as there are less other visitors to distract from the experience.

To see all of these in one tour you can book the D.C After Dark tour with Gray Line.