September in the City

September is a busy month as Washington D.C is abuzz with happy sightseers watching the leaves change and fall coming into full swing.

At this time, it’s great to get out and see the different areas of note in the city; it’s cool enough to walk around without overheating and the attractions aren’t quite as busy. Plenty of the D.C landmarks are surrounded by nature, and the changing of the seasons makes these sights even more beautiful.

Mount Vernon is an extraordinary stately manor, complete with gardens and scenic beauty. The home and cemetery of the late George Washington is surrounded by nature and well-kept gardens, and in the later months of the year these look so picturesque.

A drive through the preserved district of Old Town Alexandria is another activity that’s ideal for the cooler weather. This area is a haven for architecture lovers and it sits beside the Potomac River, which is also stunning to look at. The drive is nice and refreshing in the later months of the year and the crisp atmosphere makes the trip all the better.

A walk among the memorials and various military sites of this city is also an activity that lends itself well to the autumnal season. These revered areas are much more pleasant to take in when the temperature dips a little. After the frenzy of Labor Day, these landmarks are refreshingly relaxing and informative. Taking some time to learn about the history and walking around the various graves and memorials can bring some more perspective into your life.

The Iwo Jima Memorial is a must see for any tourist and the surrounding grounds make for a fantastic nature-based activity in this season. A walk around the Arlington National Cemetery gives visitors an excellent chance to enjoy the landscape while paying homage to the soldiers buried there. This area takes up over 600 acres of land and marks some of the sacrifices made in prior wars and battles.

Visit the Columbarium to see the most recently interred soldiers’ ashes and pay respects while in the cemetery. This hallowed ground is a testament to those who have been killed in the line of duty and visitors can take a trip to this section of the cemetery. The walk through the graves and memorials is peaceful and still, so it can be a wonderful place to learn. For more recent historical monuments, you can also visit the Pentagon’s 9/11 Memorial and pay tribute to the victims.

To get the benefit of seeing the city transition from summer to fall visiting as many areas as possible is a must and you can fit these all into a bundle one day tour from Gray Line.