Must Sees in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the nation and as with any capital city there’s so much to do, it can even be a little overwhelming. The key to seeing all the highlights is to plan your journey in advance with a list, like this one. We’ll help you on your way to soaking up all this amazing city has to offer without breaking the bank.

Drink in the View

The flat nature of the city means that when you get to a high enough vantage point you can see for miles around. Places like the Fredrick Douglass House and Columbia Heights allow you to take in the city without paying a penny. This is perfect for seeing the city in all its glory especially at sunset and sunrise so make sure you scope it out at Golden Hour.

Visit the National Zoo

The National Zoo is a great way to spend a day in Washington D.C. and see some exotic animals. It’s great to walk around the grounds and it’s the perfect place to take kids too. It’s open every single day except Christmas Day, so you can visit it anytime you’re in town. They’ve got a range of exciting animals too see, like Giant Pandas, Orang-utans and Elephants. They focus on conservation projects so it’s an excellent place to go to learn about sustainability and the environment.

Mount Vernon and Arlington Cemetery

This tour is a must for anyone looking to learn more about military history and see sights associated with military leaders. The Gray Line DC tour bus picks up patrons from Union Station and takes them to Mount Vernon first where they  can walk the ground and tour the inside of George Washington’s vast estate. The estate holds tours and personal effects so patrons can get a glimpse of the past. After that, it’s on to the Arlington Cemetery where visitors can see all the military grave sites as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, which is an American landmark in itself.

Visit the White House

No trip to D.C. is complete without a trip to the White House to see the seat of power in the US.  You can request a tour of the White House by contacting your Member of Congress but the spaces fill up fast. This tour needs to be booked for up to six months in advance. Security is stringent too, so research when you’re going and exactly what you’re allowed to take is a must on this trip.

Top Museum Visits

There are a wealth of museums available to tourists in Washington D.C. which cater to every budget. The National Building Museum is a fantastic learning experience for any budding architect or design enthusiast. The Phillips Museum is another must see for art lovers and the founder’s mission statement was to create an intimate area to view modern art. There are museums for just about every discipline, so there are plenty of things to suit everyone’s interests.