Get Footloose on 14th Street

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax in DC, then the 14th Street strip is the place to be. Stretching from Rhode Island Avenue to U Street, this area is packed full of bustling bars, eclectic boutiques, interesting galleries and mouth-watering restaurants. There’s something for everyone on this strip and it’s a guaranteed place to chill out and even let your hair down.

Here are just a handful of the food and drink highlights on the strip:

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

If you’re a seafood lover, then the Pearl Dive Oyster Palace should be on the top of your dining list. Although there’s plenty of competition in the way of seafood options on 14th Street, this restaurant is just a cut above. You can expect to find hundreds of different ways to have your oysters served, including the delicious Black Salts on the half shell. Plus, with tasty gumbo, po’ boys and grilled fish, not to mention a speakeasy on the second floor which comes complete with cocktails and bar snacks, there’s no reason not to check out this seafood joint.


This fantastic Mediterranean restaurant lives a double life, and you should check out both versions. By day you’ll find a beautiful sandwich shop which serves hoagies packed to the brim with flavors of the Mediterranean, including sumptuous roast vegetables and meats. However, by night this seemingly unassuming sandwich shop turns into a private dining room, filled with tables full of feta cheese, various flavors of hummus, and various spit-roast meats including lamb, chicken, rabbit and goat. In addition to the abundant food options, there’s also a unique cocktail menu with some hidden house specialities, not to mention the special alcoholic, kegged lemonade which is a must-try.

Black Cat

If you’re looking for a bar that doubles as a great live music venue then the Black Cat on 14th Street is the best choice. Known for landing great alternative artists, the Black Cat has specialized in hosting great music events across two stages in this vintage venue over the last couple of decades. With the Backstage in the basement and the Mainstage on ground level, this venue can host more than one concert at a time. In addition, pinball, cheap booze and a fantastic café are all located in this venue. There’s nothing you couldn’t love about the Black Cat.

If you’re visiting DC on the weekend, why not take a tour during the day before chilling out and enjoying some food or music on 14th Street in the evening? Gray Line has the perfect half-day tour which takes place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This will give you just enough time to explore the sites and historical elements of the city before tucking into some good food and enjoying the city’s nightlife as if you were a local.