Discover More of DC’s Hidden Gems

Did you know that it has been 225 years since the Residence Act was enforced, setting aside land from Virginia and Maryland in order to create the great national capital of Washington D.C? It may have taken another decade before the government actually moved into this newly created space, but over the last 200 years, DC has had its fair share of historical events and memories, with many great attractions in existence today to celebrate the heart of the USA.

Here are just some of the one of a kind attractions you should definitely visit at least once in Washington DC , whether you’re a resident or visitor:

Visit Rock Creek Park

If you’re a nature lover or the outdoorsy type that always has to have something to do, then the 2,800 acres of natural beauty in the heart of DC is the perfect location for you. Whether you’re a hiker, cycler or horseback rider, there’s something for you here. From the Valley Trail for hikes to the beautiful Beach Drive which is perfect for cycling, to the on-site golf range, you’re sure to find a route to suit. There’s a nature centre, planetarium and even an amphitheatre located within the park if you want a rest or to uncover some more of DC’s cultural wonders.

Find the city’s boundary stones

There are sandstone markers dotted all along the border of DC, marking the boundary between the capital land and either Maryland or Virginia. There’s an activist group who try to maintain these stones, and it’s possible to walk the entirety of the city’s borders to find them. At only around a couple of feet high, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for these markers which contain a plaque outlining them as specific boundary stones, with the year 1792 engraved on them.

Do the annual Washington Post Hunt

Do you think you know all there is to know about DC? Have you been on the tours and visited the memorials and attractions enough to take part in the Post Hunt? This annual event is hosted by The Washington Post, and is a fantastic scavenger hunt set out to test even the most knowledgeable DC resident. Up to 10,000 people take part each year, and it’s always a close race to the finish line! Click here to learn more about this past year’s event.

Take in the view

Simple but understated, DC has some of the best views in the country. Although the land is relatively flat, there are some great vantage points, and there’s plenty to see. If you head to Columbia Heights, the Frederick Douglass House or the top of the Washington Monument, you’re sure to find yourself admiring some breath-taking views which can stretch for miles on a good day. Additionally, Gray Line offers the DC After Dark Tour which allows you to encompass some of the greatest views all flooded in light. Check out everything from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, all beautifully lit to stand out in the Nation’s Capital.