Celebrate Beer Week in Washington D.C.

This week, beer aficionados will be descending on Washington D.C. to sample the best and brightest new beers. If you’re a lover of the golden brew then you should be checking out the best beer gardens the city has to offer, and Gray Line can transport you around the city to all of your different destinations.

Our Hop On Hop Off Tours could save you a fortune on cabs as you enjoy all the hops you want. We even have a few suggestions of where our tours could take you.

Biergarten Haus is a provider of German beers, with Bavarian steins and barrel tables you’ll feel transported in this beer garden. You can take in the extensive beer list while you relax and get into the Bavarian theme.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new venture then visit Dacha Beer Garden, which is currently a temporary structure until the permanent one is built. You can drink from a litre foot of beer in this bar and although it doesn’t serve food just yet, guests are very welcome to take their own food with them. This is ideal for a picnic lover as you can take your own little tapas and share them with friends while drinking in the atmosphere.

Beer lovers who want something a little more grass roots can head to Bardo, which started as a vacant lot. The owners have kept the industrial feel of the area but added some tables and taps, quickly turning it into a successful beer garden.

Remember to keep our transportation tours service in mind when planning your visits to beer gardens this week or any other exploring you have planned. We can save you precious dollars that you can then use to sample more creations from craft breweries.