Top Beer Gardens in Washington DC

We’re now in the height of the summer so what better way to cool down than to relax with a nice ice cold beer in a bustling beer garden? Add this to the fact that it’s Beer Week in DC from August 9th to 16th and there’s really no excuse not to check out some of the top beer garden venues in the city this month.

Here are a list of our top recommended venues you should check out, weather permitting!

Biergarten Haus

This venue, as the name suggests, is home to an extensive German beer list which is ideal for any beer and real ale lovers out there. You’ll feel as though you’re right in the heart of Bavaria in Oktoberfest, thanks to the German inspired décor and wooden barrels on which to sit your beer. Located at 1355 H Street in the North East of the city, it’s a great first choice for connoisseurs and beer amateurs alike.

Café Berlin

In what feels like it could be a theme, this other German named beer hall has been around for over 30 years. It’s a favorite spot located in Capitol Hill, thanks to not only the fantastic selection of beers and ales, but also some fantastic and authentic German cuisine to accompany your beverage. The beer garden area is open all year round, and thrives in the summer months. Plus, this hall located at 322 Massachusetts Avenue is one of the very few places to offer patrons the chance to sip their beer from a bierstiefel, so it’s one not to be missed!


This fantastic beer house restaurant doesn’t exactly boast a beer garden per se, but it does offer a large back patio which is open to the public with a big communal table in the middle. Kombucha is one of the signature beverages of this venue, which has been fermented to perfection. In addition to this the venue is also home to an adjoining concept cage which offers pan-Asian cuisine alongside some locally sourced wares and art. Maketto is located at 1351 H Street NE.

American Ice Co

Sure, this venue may sound like an ice cream parlour, but it is actually a bar which is home to a whole host of different beers and ales. It doesn’t quite measure up to the variety offered by the German beer halls above, however that doesn’t matter as there are loads of great picnic tables each with their own umbrellas, making it the perfect spot to relax in either the sunshine or the shade. For easy drinking brews in a relaxed setting, this is the place to be, located at 17 V Street NW.

These are just a selection of some of the great venues which can help you make the most of Beer Week this year, or at least offer you somewhere fun and comfortable to soak up the last of those summer rays. If you’re looking to try out a few of them to get a feel for the right hotspot, why not combine your Beer Week adventures with a fantastic Hop On Hop Off Tour from Gray Line? These flexible tours allow you to get off and visit the areas that interest you culturally, plus you can make a refreshment stop or two along the way!