Pumpkin Festivals in D.C

Pumpkin Festivals in D.C

Fall is upon us as well as Halloween, so it’s time for costumes, pies and pumpkins this month. If you’re in the D.C area, then you have an abundance of pumpkin patches on your doorstep, and there are even festivals that you can take part in.

For the truly rustic feel you have to take the whole family to a pumpkin festival, these are especially exciting for the kids. They’ll get to pick their own pumpkins that you can later carve and turn into a spooky Jack-o-Lantern. It’s much better than just going to the store to pick out your pumpkin, and it’s a day filled with fun that will make for a cherished memory.

There’s even one at Mount Vernon, where you can have a learning experience as well as a fun day out. They have animals, haystacks and food. Anyone from the city will enjoy the change of pace that comes from a rural day on the farm. This Fall Family Fun festival has everything that you need to have a wonderful day away from the buzz of the city. You’ll find that these old timey treats will help you take a break from modern life. Kids will be given the opportunity to learn first-hand about the farming trade and here they can do just that, while having a lot of fun too.

You might not associate the capital city with farming and agriculture but just a short trip away there are plenty of activities to amuse you and your family.

If you travel over to Maryland, which borders the city, you’ll find all of the harvest excitement that goes hand in hand with October. Picking your own apples to make a delicious dish at home is always a winner with the family and prices for these groceries can be cheaper than your local store. Every weekend in October, many of the farms in this area will have a Harvest festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Their trees will be laden with fruit and their pumpkin patches full of vegetables for you to pick and doing so is a fantastic way to teach kids about where food comes from. It can also help stress the importance of healthy eating in a fun setting where they can enjoy themselves.

A lot of these festivals even boast corn mazes where you can race through to reach the center, and even adults can enjoy a relaxing walk through these crops.

For the grownups, the wine crop is also in and the city is gearing up for a whole host of Oktoberfest themed activities. Visitors can sample delights from local breweries and get dressed up in their best lederhosen for the day. This touch of Bavaria in the city will excite any fan of craft beer or even fans of a good party.

Whatever you decide to do this October, you’ll have a great time in this area. There are so many activities to do and the only problem you’ll have is picking which you want to do first!