See the Best of D.C Today

If you’re passing through D.C and want to see the sights quickly, you may be surprised that you can do this. Taking a DC in A Day Tour will let you take in plenty of these amazing features without running late for your next travel plans. Even before the next leg of a connecting flight, you can view many monuments and world famous landmarks in just a single day.

Starting at 8am at Union Station, this tour kicks off the day with a dose of anticipation, as you realize what you’ll be seeing that day. The very first stop on the list is the U.S Capitol Building, which has such historic and political significance in the country. During the week, this location is open to visitors. However, it is closed on Sunday, and this stop is replaced by the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum or the American History Museum, both stellar places to visit and learn about science or history.

What trip to D.C would be complete without a stop near the White House? This tour will take you there for a check in at the White House Visitor Center, as well as a photo opportunity of the White House itself. You might only have a day to see the landmarks, but this one should definitely be on your list.

Next comes the World War II Memorial. This impressive stone structure has 56 pillars around its edge and a magnificent fountain in the center. This hallowed ground serves as a reminder and revered place to pay your respect to the country’s fallen soldiers during this period of conflict. The Freedom Wall is decorated with 4,048 stars, each standing for 100 of the soldiers that died protecting the freedom that we enjoy today. Here you can also see the Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in just one stop, ideal for tourists that are keeping to a tight schedule.

From a war memorial to a civil rights memorial, the next stop is the massive Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. This huge statue honors the man himself and all that he did to further the civil rights movement in the 1960s. It’s truly something to behold and is a must see for anyone staying in the city for even one day.

A multi-tiered stop occurs next, as you stop near the Lincoln Memorial, where you can see the iconic statue of the revered 16th President, and honor those who fell in battle at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. The Wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial features the names of all those lost in this conflict. This is the perfect place to stretch your legs and take a trip back in time as you learn about the sacrifices made by Americans in the period from 1955 to 1975.

These are just some examples of all of the places that you can visit in just a single day in this historic city, so if you think that you don’t have time sightsee then let us prove you wrong.