The Top Shopping Spots in Washington DC

If you’re planning to hit the stores when you’re in Washington DC, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many malls in the city. These boast everything from high end fashion to budget gifts, with everything in between. As a capital city, DC is a hotspot for designers, businesses and stores which all call the city their home.

The Pentagon City Mall is home to a number of chain and individual stores from the US and beyond. They have fashion, make up and accessory stores to give shoppers a fully new look with a makeover and new clothes. Of course, they have men’s and women’s stores as well as kids clothing for those of all ages. They also have a variety of different places to relax and eat in between shopping with cafes and restaurants.

Capitol Hill might seem like a place that’s more for sightseers than shoppers, but they have streets filled with street fairs and artisanal stores. The Eastern Market is the place to go if you want to purchase accessories or gifts from small business owners. They have arts and crafts to purchase here and it makes for a great day out perusing the stalls.

Not far from Capitol Hill is the Union Station Building, which also home to many stores and boutiques. This is a brilliant way to fit in some extra shopping before you jump on the train to your next location. They also sell additional luggage if you buy too much to fit into your suitcase! There are restaurants and eateries here too, so grab a bite to eat and some presents before you get on the train. (after our tours) If you’re interested in the history of this building then check out our blog on the origins and purpose of the station.

Georgetown is an attraction for those looking to get off the beaten path, as this is a mostly residential district. Georgetown Cupcake is one treat to look forward to as they have loads of different varieties of these delicious treats. Mini, mega and super cupcakes are all sold in the bakery but if you have a special request you can order it in advance.

Chinatown is one of the largest areas of Washington DC and there are a multitude of stores in the area. They have small business owners making the most of the footfall with jewellers and gift stores on the main streets. Delving further into the area will show visitors the real side of the cultural area of the city with restaurants and street foods.

Only a stone’s throw away from Chinatown is the Penn Quarter, which is yet another area to hit the stores in. It slightly overlaps with Chinatown in places, so you might find yourself here without even realizing it. There is booming nightlife here too, so you can go out for the day and then party all night long. It’s a 24 hour destination so you can head over anytime and take in the sights.