What’s Going on in DC this Month

As the warmer months quickly approach, Washington DC will begin to ring in the summer season with several events this month. Get ready for celebrations of culture, bursts of color and the chance to visit the city at one of its most beautiful times. Here are just a few of the unique things that you could experience in DC:

Passport DC Around the City

Passport DC is a month long celebration of different cultures and the traditions. This is run by Cultural Tourism DC and it comprises of events all throughout the month, honoring the various cultures of those in the city. It’s a brilliant time to be a tourist, as there are parades and festivals to go along too.

Like to try different foods?  The food stalls that will line the streets during these events will be your dream come true. Prefer learning? Thentake the time to listen to some of the fantastic speakers coming from their home nations specifically for the event. At the end of the month, be sure to check out the embassies on the 25th of May, where their top chefs will be showcasing treats from the countries that they hail from.

ZooFari at The Smithsonian

The already spectacular Zoo at The Smithsonian boasts a very special event filled weekend on the 19th of May. There are almost 2,000 animals at the zoo, and on ZooFari Day they complement these sights with food and live shows. More than 100 restaurateurs come out in full force to bring the best fare from the city to the pathways of the zoo. You’ll find some of the biggest names in the DC culinary world out to thrill and surprise new concessions.

If you love a few drinks to go alongside these culinary creations, then you’ll be happy to know that they have cocktails and craft beers as well. Children are also welcome at the event and they’ll get a chance to see their favorite animals. There are so many events taking place at The Smithsonian this month, so tour the museum with us to have a fantastic chance of seeing them.

The National Cathedral Flower Mart

All things green are on display in the Flower Mart at the National Cathedral on the 6th and 7th of May. This festival of color is open to anyone in the area and all proceeds collected from the flowers and attractions go to upkeeping the grounds. Learn about how to really make your pansies pop and your roses bloom with expert advice from professional gardeners.

As we reach summer, these flowers will just get bigger and better to create radiant displays, so you won’t want to miss your chance to snap them up. They make excellent presents or even gifts to yourself and you’ll learn all about their history when purchasing. Expert advice is offered, or if you’re something of an aficionado then you can simply take the chance to talk to those with a shared passion.